Our microgreens are lovingly nurtured from seed to harvest using only organic, non-GMO seeds and rich, organic soil, and packaged in non-plastic, plant-based packaging! Select a one time order, or choose between a recurring weekly or biweekly, or monthly subscription.  

Delivery fee is $5 and free for orders over $14. 

We grow to order to minimize waste, so we only plant enough to fulfill our current orders and subscriptions. In general, it takes about 10 days for microgreens to be ready to harvest from planting day. That means, when you place your first order, please expect that there will be a delay before you receive your first delivery. If you select a subscription, your orders will arrive regularly on schedule after you receive your first order.

If you are located outside our delivery radius: 

Please contact us, as we may be able to arrange up a drop-point or local pickup.  

If you are a Parker Subaru & Toyota Employee:

Your microgreen orders will be picked up from Tim at Parker Subaru.  

Deliveries are on Fridays. 

When you place your order, we will contact you and let you know when to expect your microgreens.